The Betty T. Wooten Foundation is a non-profit organization established to honor the memory and legacy of Betty T. Wooten and to continue her dedication to community involvement, health advocacy, and specifically her fight against breast cancer. Founded in 2009, the mission of the Betty T. Wooten Foundation is to increase breast cancer awareness and prevention, to promote fundraising activities that support breast cancer research and to provide scholarship opportunities for qualified high school students pursuing a career in the health care industry.

The Foundation is committed to improving America’s health care system  one community at a time and we work to increase breast cancer awareness and prevention by promoting early and frequent testing and screening and contributing donations to fund research that seeks a CURE. In our first three years, our foundation has donated over $36,000 to AVON Breast Cancer with the help of our supporters. This year, our mission is to far surpass this figure and we will do so through our Annual Charity event in partnership with YMCA Capital View and Anthony Bowen Centers. This year we will be sponsoring a Charity Golf Tournament at Lake Presidential Golf Course on Friday, September 13, 2013.

Betty T. Wooten dedicated her life to education, her field of nursing, her student nurses, her church family and her community.  She was a teacher, a health advocate, a role model and a woman of God and we are dedicated to ensuring her life and 13 year fight with breast cancer was not in vain.  We are committed to fighting this deadly disease with the help of people that are impacted by breast cancer around the world.  We are also dedicated to sharing the stories of survivors and using their lives as tools of encouragement. 

You can help us make a difference by donating today, participating in the 4th Annual Betty T. Wooten Charity Event by being a sponsor and a player. Each person is a catalyst in their community and your dedication can make change. Click on the links above to register or to make a donation!